1. Always follow threads
  2. Delete old Instagram pics and find a thread that tells you how to take aesthetic pics.
  3. Niche meme
  4. Aesthetic stories always
  5. When doing lives never hold the camera place it somewhere or give it to someone to record
  6. Golden hour pics are the best
  7. Make Bio short
  8. Never make your icon a picture of yourself. Maybe Lisa Simpson or Animoji.
  9. Captions must be aesthetic and must have a cute emoji combination (no more than two emojis)
  10. For you Instagram pics it has to have a theme like maybe Vintage
  11. Make sure you seem as aesthetic as your Pics
  12. Make a private account
  13. Usernames must have an x or a . or the first two letters of your name eg: My name is Yasmin and my username is: x.ya_.x
  18. Colour theme
  19. Either nice vintage pics or theme aesthetic pics or no pics at all
  20. Last but not least search online for inspiration and more info search online threads
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