Good Ideas for Taking Aesthetic Notes Edit

  1. Choose your Handwriting and style for your notes. If you are writing, pick a style that you want your noted to look like and write legibly. if you are typing, look for a font that you would like.
  2. Make sure you have good quality paper and pens. Lined paper or graph paper are good types of paper to use to make your notes look amazing. If you use plain paper with no markings your lines can become wonky and ugly.
  3. With the handwriting and style, you've chosen write your title, you could do hand lettering for your title or just simply write it.
  4. Next, write the subtitle. Subtitle should always be non-joint and smaller than the normal title. Highlight it with pastel highlighter to make it nice to the eye. You can buy these online or just in stationary shops.
  5. Write down your information below it with joint handwriting to make it seem clean. If you use non joint handwriting make sure all the spaces between letters are even.
  6. Always, ALWAYS, ALLLWAYYSSS draw diagrams beside the information to make it seem important. Speaking of important, make sure you highlight important things with a different color highlighter than the highlighter you used for the subtitle
  7. Labelling a diagram can make it look messy. Instead, do this Put a number 1. next to the part you want and below write Ex. 1.
  8. Have a good color scheme, with colors that match
  9. Never put more than 3 colors on your page, can be distracting, but if you want to make sure they are similar colors.
  10. To fit more information on your page, you can split it into 2 by drawing a line down the middle of the page. Make sure this is in pencil. Once you have finished your notes erase that line.
  11. To retain information, you could cut of a section (at the bottom) to write a summary about what you have learned.
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