1. Choose your Handwriting and style for your notes. Start with picking adorable handwriting by simply searching cute handwritings in google!
  2. With the handwriting and style, you've chosen write your title
  3. Do the same with the subtitle. Subtitle must always be non-joint and smaller than the normal title. Highlight it with pastel highlighter to make it nice to the eye
  4. Highlight you subtitle with a highlighter (best if it is pastel).
  5. Write down your information below it with joint handwriting to make it seem Clean.
  6. Always, ALWAYS, ALLLWAYYSSS draw diagrams beside the information to make it seem important. Speaking of important, make sure you highlight important things with a different colour highlighter than the highlighter you used for the subtitle
  7. Best not to label a diagram. Put a number 1. next to the part you want and below write: 1. is the ...
  8. Large
    Never use these colours: Red, Dark blue, dark green, o
  9. Never put more than 3 colours on your page, can be distracting.
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