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an anonymous person throwing up pink and orange glittery vomit. very characteristic of pukecore

Relatively new, coined by tumblr user pukecore. While it's composed of many different subjects, the aesthetic as a whole remains easily identifiable. Pukecore is meant to evoke feelings of "god this is so bright and shiny that i feel like im about to throw up, but then after that i can just lay down on this soft blanket and play some pokemon until i feel better." Although there are a lot of cute and bright/glittery subjects, a dark undertone is present as well.

pukecore is the blog that serves to capture pukecore.

common imagery Edit

  • shiny tinsel
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a picture of pink fur, with a soft filter.

  • bright colors (primarily pink)
  • stickers
  • soft furs and felts
  • holographic imagery
  • oddly-colored vomit
  • sprinkles and frosting
  • retro gaming and old-style internet
  • gemstones
  • gore and body horror
  • cute monstergirls
  • cats